– Gang Bang: Scorching 5-guy fuckfest results in a tsunami of hot jizz! HD

by Homoactivecash on April 16, 2013


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Scene Title: Scorching 5-guy fuckfest results in a tsunami of hot jizz! HD

Category: Gang Bang

Featuring: Justin Conway, Kamyk Walker, Tim Law, Troy Stevenson, Xander Hollis

Scene Lenght: 38 minutes

Release Date: April 16, 2013


Czech boys have always had a bit of a reputation for being cock-hungry whores, and this fine escapade – featuring Xander Hollis, Kamyk Walker, Justin Conway, Troy Stevenson and Tim Law – is going to do little to undermine that belief. Fact is, these five horny fuckers are like a gang of oversexed hyenas on heat, as blond-lad Conway leads the way in stripping off to get down and dirty!

Not that our fans are gonna be disappointed by the lack of constraint, that’s for sure; indeed we reckon it’ll be a matter of just a few minutes before you’re all tugging on your dicks in response to the sight of this dick-mad quintet slurping on each other’s cocks. Don’t bolt too early, though. The black leather sofa which serves as the backdrop to these hardcore antics is put to a whole new level of service when the boys begin to fuck around – quite literally!

Stevenson leads the field, bouncing up and down on Hollis’s rock-hard cock; whilst Walker and Law fight between themselves to enjoy the pleasures that only Conway’s knob can provide. It’s wild, it’s raunchy, and it’s exactly the kind of perverse fun that you lot are gonna love big time! All nicely wrapped by a superb line-wank that sees all five lads bust their nuts for the camera amidst a veritable tsunami of spunk!

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